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Arrival of Felipe VI at SHAPE
Official visit of His Majesty King Felipe VI to the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Powers in Europe
Shooting practice on the manoeuvring range.
The XIII Basic Military Training Module given by the “Tercio de Armada” to Ukrainian soldiers of the Toledo Training Coordination Centre concludes
Personal del Destacamento ‘Tigru’
El Destacamento ‘Tigru’ supera las 10.000 horas de vigilancia aérea en Rumanía
OPV 'Furor' begins deployment
The OPV 'Furor' begins deployment on the west coast of Africa and Gulf of Guinea


Comandante del MCCE en el acto de clausura
Finaliza la 1ª edición del Curso Básico de Especialización de la Escuela Militar de CiberOperaciones
SOTG “ARES” planning room
The Joint Special Operations Command participates in the self-assessment of the Colombian Special Operations Task Group 'SOTG ARES'
Signature of the Telefónica agreement
The Chief of Defence Staff signs a cooperation agreement between the Defence Staff and Telefónica
Preparations continue for the deployment of personnel and means that Spain plans to send to Slovakia
Instructor portugués en el TTCC
El Ejército portugués se incorpora al ‘Toledo Training Coordination Center’ donde instruirá a militares ucranianos
MISTRAL deployiment
First Eagle Eye activation of 2024

February 28th - Air and Space Force

March 20th - Army

April - 17th- Guardia Civil

May 15th- Air and Space Force

June 19th - Army

July 12th - Guardia Civil

August 21st - Navy

September 18th - Guardia Civil

October 2nd - Military Emergency Unit (UME)

November 20th - Air and Space Force

December 6th - Navy

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