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General Prada, chairman of the event
Spanish shift rotation in the mission of Ukrainian Armed Forces support.
Greeting between detachment leaders
Contingent handover at Tactical Air Detachment 'Orion' in Yibuti.
Refuelling on mission
The frigate 'Santa Maria' returns home after finishing her deployment in NATO's operation 'Sea Guardian'.
General Fernando Martín Pascual's speech
The Amber detachment has completed its Air Police mission in the Baltic in Estonia.


Ceremony presidency
Solemn Flag Hoisting on the occasion of the XLV of the constitution anniversary
Donated sewing machines
Spanish Mali Contingent funds the upgrading of a sewing training center.
Spanish military personnel at the parade
Tigru detachment personnel take part in Romania National Day
Vivac at Retín area.
Spanish Marine infantry are providing a new training course to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
Frigate 'Santa Maria' in the port of Algiers
The frigate Santa Maria visits Algiers under NATO flag in operation Sea Guardian
Conferencia del vicealmirante Roca
Concluyen las V Jornadas de Ciberdefensa ESPDEF-CERT y las XVII Jornadas STIC del CCN-CERT

December 06th - Army

January 17th - Navy

February 21st - Air and Space Force

March 20th - Army

April - 17th- Guardia Civil

May 15th- Air and Space Force

June 19th - Army

July 12 - Guardia Civil

August 21st - Navy

September 18th - Guardia Civil

October 02nd - Military Emergency Unit (UME)

November 20th - Air and Space Force

December 06th - Navy

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