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Reunión de los Estados Mayores Conjuntos
III Reunión de Estados Mayores Conjuntos de España y República de Chile
Salute of the heads of the contingents
Operation Atalanta's Orion Detachment troop replacement
El JEMA a su llegada al DAT Vilkas
El Jefe de Estado Mayor del Ejército del Aire visita a las tropas españolas en la misión de Policía Aérea en el Báltico
Surgery on board the frigate 'Canarias'
Pioneering surgery using general anaesthesia on board the frigate 'Canarias'


Rescued boat´s operation
The offshore patrol vessel 'Infanta Elena' rescues a boat adrift with immigrants
Leopardo' in the 'Iron Spear 22' competition
The Spanish contingent in Latvia achieved outstanding results in the 'Iron Spear 2022' shooting competition
Opening of the centre
Opening of a Civil Defence Training Centre in Southern Lebanon
ESP CHOD and the mayor of Madrid
ESP CHOD chairs the solemn hoisting of the flag ceremony on the occasion of the festivity of San Isidro
Cantabria's bridge
ESPS 'Cantabria' joins NATO's naval forces in the Mediterranean
Welcome to the Director General of the Guardia Civil
The Director General of the Guardia Civil visits the Marfil Air Tactical Detachment

Army Emblem June 19th. 10:00h.

Spanish Navy Emblem July 12th. 10:00h.

Army Emblem August 17th. 12:00h

Spanish Navy Emblem September 21st. 12:00h

Air Force Emblem October 19th. 12:00h.

Army Emblem November 16th. 12:00h.

Civil Guard Emblem December 6th. 10:00h.

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