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Armed Forces Intelligence Centre (CIFAS)

  1. El Centro de Inteligencia de las Fuerzas Armadas (CIFAS) will be the body responsible for providing the Minister of Defence, through the JEMAD, and the authorities of the Department, with the military intelligence required to alert on international situations likely to generate crises affecting National Defence, as well as to provide the necessary support, within its scope, to military operations. The JEMAD will establish the conditions under which the CIFAS will support the MOPS in the military operations it determines. It will also advise the JEMAD and the Chiefs of Staff of the Army and Navy on military counter-intelligence and security in the organisational structure of the Armed Forces. It will also contribute to advising the JEMAD on the strategic level of military operations. The Director of CIFAS will be the Head of Security within the EMAD.
  2. The CIFAS will direct and coordinate the use of joint intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems, as well as coordinate with the competent authorities the exploitation of information from specific ISR systems.
  3. Through the JEMAD, it will provide the Chiefs of Staff of the Army and Navy with the intelligence necessary for the development of force readiness activities.
  4. It will respond to requests for intelligence information from the Ministry of Defence authorities, within the scope of its competences.
  5. In coordination with the MOPS, it shall plan, direct and, where appropriate, execute geospatial information activities in the field of defence for operations. To this end, the corresponding army and navy bodies are functionally dependent on the Armed Forces Intelligence Centre.
  6. It will define, in collaboration with EMACON and the MCCE, the operational requirements of Earth Observation Systems for their impact on Imagery Intelligence. 

Name:   Antonio Romero Losada.

Rank:   Lieutenant General.

Office: JCIFAS Director.

JCIFAS Director´s Biography

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