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The 'Extremadura' XI Brigade holds a new armoured personnel carrier maintenance module for the Ukrainian Army

In Bótoa (Badajoz)
January 31, 2024
  •  The XI Brigade trains Ukrainian soldiers at the General Menacho Base in the maintenance of the armoured personnel carriers.

Spain continues to fulfil its commitment with the European Union to train Ukrainian military personnel in different combat capabilities. This cooperation is carried out following the express request of the Ukrainian government.

The XI "Extremadura" Brigade has received Ukrainian personnel with the aim of instructing them over the next few weeks in the tuning and maintenance of the APC M-113.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces operate this type of armoured personnel carriers, so proper maintenance is vital to extend its lifespan and consequently increase their operability.

This training is carried out by Spanish soldiers of the XI Brigade, which generates and imparts this module integrated in the TTCC (Toledo Training Coordination Center) in the support mission to Ukraine EUMAM UA (European Union Military Assistance Mission).

For more information on this mission, consult on social networks #EUMAN_UA_TTCC , on the accounts of #EMAD @EMADmde, as well as on the WEB Misión de asistencia militar de la Unión Europea a las FAS de Ucrania - EMAD (