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Spanish military personnel supports training of Somali armed forces

Mogadishu, Somalia
February 16, 2022
  • The Spanish contingent deployed to EUTM Somalia effectively contributes to the development of the military capabilities and training of the Somali Armed Forces

Colonel José Antonio Moscoso Sicardo is the current Head of the Trainers Team of the European Union Training Mission in Somalia (EUTM-S), which has a team made up of several nationalities, including seven officers and non-commissioned officers from Spain. One of its main tasks is to advise and coordinate with the Chief of the Training Division of the General Staff of the Somali National Army, the planning and execution of courses to be conducted according to the desired capabilities and the target audience.

In the last semester, the Spanish officers and NCOs within the Trainers Team have led the planning and execution of 11 out of 12 courses taught at 'General Dhagabadan' Training Centre, all of them in support of the Somali Army's '14th October' Brigade, based in Mogadishu.

The wide range of courses carried out highlight the outstanding level of qualification of our officers and NCO's.

Courses led by the Spanish contingent

Training courses for Captains and Lieutenants in command of Company and Rifle Section type units, these courses last 16 weeks and the main training tasks are related to tactical combat instruction in offensive and defensive operations, urban areas, basic information on C-IED, topography, Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and knowledge related to plan and conduct operations up to Company level.

C-IED courses, with a 6-week timeframe, provide the necessary knowledge for the management of an IED incident, with a total of 16 C-IED teams trained among the personnel of the Brigade 'October 14th', these teams guarantee their freedom of manoeuvre and the use of the main supply routes.

At a battalion level, intelligence courses for company and battalion senior staffs are held over a 4-week period, enabling command posts at this level to understand and put into practice the intelligence cycle, until producing a document that can be used in the decision-making process in battalion and company units in operations.

Tasks entrusted to EUTM-Somalia

One of the main tasks assigned to EUTM-S during the 7th mandate is to enable the Somali Army to train its units by themselves at the tactical level. For this purpose, the team of trainers delivers a 6-week Advanced Trainers' Course, which trains Somali Army trainers to drill infantry company-type units (individual training and offensive, defensive, urban combat and stabilisation operations), as well as to support EUTM-S personnel in future training courses.

Due to security restrictions limiting EUTM-S movements outside the Mogadishu area, Mobile Training Teams are built up which, over the course of 12 weeks, enable teams of trainers to instruct at the tactical level up to company-type units belonging to Large Units deployed in sectors outside the capital.

We must not forget that most of the combats take place in an urban environment, which is why the Advanced Combat Training in Urban Areas (CZURB) courses have been developed, with a duration of 4 weeks, training personnel posted to the 'General Dhagabadan' Training Centre in Mogadishu so that they can instruct or support the training of Company-type Units in CZURB.

After nine years of sustained work, the Spanish contingent of EUTM-S trainers has become an essential tool for improving the operational capability of the Somali Army, providing military training and instructing future trainers.

The European Union Training Mission in Somalia (EUTM-S) was launched on 10 April 2010 and was established in Uganda until 22 January 2013, when it was transferred to Mogadishu. Since its beginning, Spain has shown its commitment to this country in the development and strengthening of all its institutions and, in particular, its Security Forces, so that they may definitively develop the required capabilities to enable the country achieving peace and stability.