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EUTM Somalia's Chief of Staff meets with his AMISOM counterpart

Mogadishu, Somalia
February 1, 2021
  • Spanish military personnel in EUTM-S fill relevant positions within the mission

Colonel José L. Sales, Chief of Staff of the European Union Training Mission in Somalia (EUTM-S), who has just completed his first 100 days in office, had the opportunity to meet with the Chief of Staff of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), Ugandan Brigadier General Ogki.

The meeting took place at AMISOM's headquarters in Mogadishu. After the official greetings, General Ogki has expressed his gratitude for the huge effort being made by the European Union in Somalia and has highlighted the excellent work that EUTM-S is carrying out.

On the other hand, Colonel Sales presented an overview on the activities in which EUTM-S is currently involved and recalled the beginnings of the European mission, at Bihanga (Uganda), with a major Spanish contribution, including the mission's command.

The Spanish contingent in EUTM-S is the second largest after the Italian one, filling relevant positions within the mission, both in the headquarters and in the team of advisors, mentors and trainers.

Spain's involvement is a further example of our nation's strong commitment to peace, world security and the international rule of law, as well as its solidarity in helping to stabilize the most economically disadvantaged countries.

AMISOM was established by the African Union and the United Nations Security Council on January 19, 2007 and five countries contribute with Armed Forces personnel: Kenya, Burundi, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Uganda. Its mandate includes enabling the progressive handover of security responsibilities to Somali security forces when the circumstances so allow, reducing the threat posed by Al-Shabaab and assisting Somali security forces to provide security for the political process at all levels, as well as stabilization, reconciliation and peace-building in Somalia.