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Spain joins with Germany in the Baltic Air Police mission in Estonia

In Ämari, Estonia
August 26, 2022
  • The Tactical Air Detachment 'Amber', based on the Eurofighter of the 14th Wing, is now ready to jointly provide security and guarantee the integrity of the Alliance's airspace

Spain has joined NATO's Baltic Air Policing (BAP) mission in Estonia with the participation of four Eurofighter aircraft from the 14th Wing, under the operational control of Operations Command (MOPS).

The Eurofighters will join the German Eurofighters that are deployed at Ämariy Air Base and have been in command of the Baltic Air Policing mission since August. The Spanish and German aircraft will train to conduct combined rapid reaction alert operations with mixed crews, intercepting and identifying aircraft that do not comply with the identification requirements of air traffic control systems in allied airspace.

This joint work is intended to ensure the successful interoperability of allied countries' advanced weapons systems. Procedures, techniques and tactics are established to enable rapid multinational activation of Eurofighter aircraft at NATO's disposal to preserve the security of Alliance airspace.

On this occasion, the operation and sustainment of Eurofighters is conducted in combination with Germany, sharing resources.

The 'Amber' Tactical Air Detachment is made up of 67 people, under the command of Commander Miguel Ángel López García, mainly from the 14th Wing, with the presence of personnel from the Mobile Air Control Group (GRUMOCA), the Second Air Deployment Support Squadron (SEADA), the Management Information Technology Centre (CIGES), the Centre for Information and Communications Systems and Technologies (CESTIC), the Logistical Centre for Armament and Experimentation (CLAEX), the Air Force Headquarters Group and the Matacán Schools Group (GRUEMA), in addition to others who have provided logistical support to the deployment.

The participation of the Spanish Armed Forces in this operation demonstrates their capacity for projection, responsibility, solidarity and commitment to collective defence and shared security with our allies.