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Submarine 'Tramontana' docks in Cartagena after completing its deployment in NATO's Operation Sea Guardian

Cartagena, Spain
December 14, 2020
  • Returns home after sailing for 35 days under operational control of the Operations Command

After a demanding deployment in the Mediterranean sea, the submarine 'Tramontana' has ended its integration in NATO's Operation Sea Guardian after entering its home port in Cartagena.

The crew’s 64 servicemen have successfully fulfilled the assigned mission, which was developed under unusually demanding conditions prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. During these 35 days at sea, they have just docked at port to rest in shifts of less than 24 hours, remaining always on board.

'Tramontana's' integration in this operation has contributed to increasing control of the maritime environment and countering terrorism in Mediterranean waters. To this end, the submarine's main quality, its discretion, has been exploited, enabling it to carry out surveillance tasks and maintain a high level of achievement throughout the patrol period.

The fact of sailing for 35 days in a row, is yet another milestone for the submarine service, which shows the skills, readiness and the spirit of sacrifice of Spanish divers.

Submarine ‘Tramontana’ has been in service for more than 35 years and counting, successfully performing all duties entrusted to it. Having taken part in this mission proves the commitment that the Submarine Force, the Navy and Spain have to their NATO allies.