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A new contingent takes over in Operation `Support to Türkiye´

Adana, Turkey
December 21, 2022
  • The A/T XVII contingent assumes the continuity of the NATO operation with a commitment to continue the air defence of the Turkish city of Adana.

Incirlik Air Base (Adana) hosted the HOTO ceremony for the contingent deployed in Turkey.

The ceremony was presided over by Colonel Alberto Hernández Mezquita, technical secretary of the Operations Command. The ceremony began with the raising of the flag and was followed by the handover of the ensign of the operation. Afterwards both Lieutenant Colonel José María Contreras Merino, Head of the A/T XVII Contingent, and Colonel Hernández Mezquita made their speeches.

The Head of Contingent A/T XVII highlighted the welcome received from the host country, the strong commitment to its defence and the Spanish contribution to the security of the Alliance. Afterwards, Colonel Mezquita thanked the outgoing contingent for the excellent work carried out, and wished the incoming personnel all the best during the deployment. The military parade concluded with the traditional ceremony honouring those who gave their lives for Spain and the anthem of the Artillerymen.

Operation 'Support to Türkiye' continues in the province of Adana, contributing to the security of the Alliance while improving the anti-missile defence capabilities of our Armed Forces. The experience that the personnel acquire in their deployment is higher than the one that can be achieved on national territory, so maintaining the operation benefits the continuous improvement of the Spanish anti-aircraft capabilities, and it also meets the spirit of solidarity within the Alliance.