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Improving the supply of drinking water in southern Lebanon

Bourj Al Malouke, Lebanon
May 27, 2022
  • Spain contributes to the adaptation of a drinking water reservoir in Lebanon

In order to improve the supply of drinking water in the town of Bourj Al Malouke, the Spanish contingent of the Multinational Brigade of Sector East is carrying out the necessary work to upgrade a water tank in the town.

This is a joint project between Spain, UNIFIL and the Town Council, which has consisted of the adaptation of a water tank using ecological paint and the installation of pumps to provide drinking water both to the population of Bourj Al Malouke and to other towns in southern Lebanon.

The head of the Spanish Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Santiago Gonzalez, presided over the inauguration accompanied by the mayor of Bourj Al Malouke, Elise Sleiman, the representative of the national tobacco company, Mohamad Daher, and the representative of the South Lebanon Water Company, Hussein Gul.

The lieutenant colonel thanked the mayor for the effort made to facilitate the work of the Spaniards, as well as for the hospitality of the population, which constantly facilitates the missions of all the components of UNIFIL, adding that this project is another example of the good relationship between the Lebanese citizens and the Spanish soldiers.

During his speech, the mayor expressed his gratitude not only to Spain and UNIFIL, but also to all those who had participated in the realisation of the work, because it will improve the distribution of drinking water for all.

The project allows UNIFIL to continue to help the local population and greatly contributes to fostering the bond between the two. At the same time, with the effort that Spain permanently carries out in this mission, it supports social stability, the development of infrastructures and at the same time provides protection to the Spanish military participating in the mission.