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The East Sector Brigade develops the exercise 'Angel Rescue' III / 21

In Lebanon
August 24, 2021
  • The Multinational Eastern Sector Brigade of the UNIFIL mission tests its response capacity in the face of an urgent health evacuation.

The 'Angel Rescue' exercises are carried out periodically in order to check the reaction capacity of the ROLE1 stabilization and evacuation cells of the Multinational Eastern Sector Brigade of the UNIFIL mission in Lebanon.

On this occasion, the scenario presented has been an incident in which there have been several casualties of different considerations, one of them being classified as very serious. This fact has meant, in addition to the activation of the two cells for stabilization and recovery of wounded available in ROLE1, the intervention of the UNIFIL helicopter medical evacuation team, based at the Naqoura Headquarters.

In addition to the health care units (Spanish ROLE1), the mobile reserve of the Spanish battalion (BMR), the release team of the maintenance unit of the logistics unit and the Indonesian unit of the Sector's Military Police have intervened. Likewise, the Lebanese Army has collaborated to control traffic in the place where the incident was simulated.

Among others, the following aspects have been evaluated: integration of the internal communications of the sector, integration of air-ground communications, response times of reserve units and stabilization and evacuation teams, capacities to release and extract the injured, coordination between police units of the sector and the Lebanese army, and damage assessment and intervention of the legal advisor.