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The Spanish contingent in Lebanon provides medicines and fire-fighting equipment to surrounding villages

August 14, 2020
  • The Civic-Military Cooperation projects (CIMIC) are an important tool to approach the Lebanese population.

Two different initiatives to help the Lebanese population out have been carried out this week by the Civic-Military Cooperation Unit (CIMIC) of the Spanish contingent in Lebanon. The Head of the Eastern Sector of the United Nations Mission in the country (UNIFIL), General Luis Fernandez Herrero, has presented both deliveries, showing the importance of this aid, which is so important for the development and stability of the area in these hard times for the Lebanese people.

The first of these projects has been carried out in the town of Kawkaba and consisted on delivery some batches of medicines for chronical illnesses in the districts of Marjayoun and Hasbaya, both in the south of Lebanon. General Fernandez was accompanied by Kaem Makan of Hasbaya, the highest civilian authority in the area, along with representatives of the Ministry of Public Health, the municipality of Kawkaba and the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF). Kaem Makan thanked Spain, through its contingent in Lebanon, for the attention and assistance that provides to this region of the country.

The second initiative was to deliver fire-fighting equipment to Civil Defence Centres in the Marjayoun area. The event, held on 13 August, was attended by representatives of the Lebanese Ministry of the Interior and other civilian and military authorities of Nabatiyeh, the capital of this region.

All protocols against the COVID-19 pandemic were followed  at both events.