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School supply delivery to ‘Hijas de Cristo Rey’ Institute in Senegal

Dakar, Senegal
January 31, 2023
  • Personnel from the ‘Marfil’ Detachment delivers school supply given by a bookseller from Granada, Spain

27. JAN. 23 Personnel from the 'Marfil' detachment - from Operation A/M, based at the ‘Escale Aeéronautique Commandant Lemaître’ - travelled to Dakar to deliver school supplies to the ‘Hijas de Cristo Rey', in Senegal. Altruistically and without any profit motive, the material was donated by a former bookseller from Granada, Spain.

This small gesture is intended to pay tribute to all those people who today are a symbol of solidarity and who help every day to make this world a little fairer. Sometimes we think that donating something that is no longer in use is the only thing we can do to help others. However, it is all the more important to be able to take the time to listen, chat and offer support or affection. Empathy and listening are also ways in which we can show solidarity.

Solidarity, as a human value of helping others without expecting anything in return, is fundamental to building a better, more balanced, more empathetic and safer world. The value of solidarity is also a commitment of our staff to peace and stability in the Sahel.

Hijas de Cristo Rey Senegal

The ‘Hijas de Cristo Rey' are a group of women sanctified and devoted to the service of those most in need. Their foundations date back to the 19th century, in Granada, from the charismatic experience of the Venerable José Gras y Granollers, canon of Sacromonte. They are devoted to teaching.

They have centres in Spain, Italy, Albania, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and, of course, Senegal.