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“Tercio de Armada” successfully completes the training of a new contingent of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

In San Fernando, Cádiz
April 10, 2024
  • The Toledo Training Coordination Centre’s Basic Training Course was held in the framework of the European Union Military Assistance Mission in Support of Ukraine (EUMAM UA)

Almost one hundred military personnel belonging to the Ukrainian Armed Forces have successfully completed the Combat Training Course given by the combat training unit "Tercio de Armada" in the Bay of Cadiz.

This course, as the five previous ones developed by this Unit, took place at the facilities of the Marine Infantry Brigade in San Fernando and at the “Sierra del Retín” Training Camp (CASR in Spanish).

The main mission of this training module has been to prepare Ukrainian recruits to perform the typical duties of a light infantry unit combatant.

To achieve this aim, exercises were conducted in a highly practical manner, focused on training Ukrainian soldiers in individual combat techniques, offensive, defensive and urban combat tactics, tactical casualty management and the use of different weapon systems at squad level.

The training was carried out in two phases, the first phase lasting more than 20 days at the Sierra del Retín Training Field (CASR in Spanish), where combat training in open areas was carried out, and the last phase at the "Tercio de Armada" barracks, where urban combat training was provided.

The acquired training will allow the Ukrainian military to be effectively integrated into their combat units, protecting their territorial integrity within internationally recognised borders.