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The Marine Infantry School 'General Albacete y Fuster' closes the VII Module of Tactical Planning of Land Operations for personnel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

In Cartagena, Murcia
March 6, 2024
  • To date, the centre has been the training ground for a total of 160 Ukrainian officers.

From 16 to 29 February, the VII Module of Tactical Planning of Land Operations for Officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was held at the General Albacete y Fuster Marine Infantry School, within the framework of the European Union Military Assistance Mission to the Ukrainian Armed Forces (EUMAM-UA).

Since the first edition of the module in April 2023, this centre has trained a total of 160 officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, with a high degree of satisfaction and achievement. 

The aim of the training is to deepen the use of the Operational Planning Method at the tactical level, as well as to improve knowledge of Land Warfare Tactics and the ability to work as part of a team in planning tasks. 

The development draws on the preparation and experience of the Amphibious Warfare Department, and is organised on the basis of part of the Marine Corps Amphibious Tactics Officers Course, with emphasis on the specific subject on "Operational Process and Planning Method". 

The training is structured in two parts. The first is of a theoretical nature, aimed at providing officers with the necessary knowledge of the method of planning tactical operations. The second is of a practical nature, designed to implement the concepts learnt by applying them in the implementation of a defensive and an offensive military operation at the Tactical Group level. 

Through the study and practice of the integration of combat functions into the operational process and the method of tactical planning of operations, students acquire the skills related to command advice and conduct of operations required of operational staff officers.