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Toledo Training Coordination Center will bring new capabilities to the Ukrainian military

In Burgos
January 25, 2024
  •  The Toledo Training Coordination Center will face the challenge of maintaining the training it currently provides as well as expanding its courses in response to requests from Ukraine.

In response to Ukraine's request, both the planning and the necessary coordination have been carried out to make new training modules. The Minister of Defence at the meeting of the Ukrainian Defense Contact Group, held on January 23, has expressed the intention to carry out these courses. These courses in the immediate future will start with: new modules on underwater demining, and new modules on anti-aircraft systems PATRIOT and NASAMS, among others.

The Toledo Training Coordination Center is the structure created by Spain to carry out the mission assumed before the European Union. It has a General Headquarters located in Burgos, a permanent Combat Training Unit located in Toledo and different specific training modules, which are temporarily activated to meet the requests of the Ukrainian Government.

These activities are carried out by units spread throughout the national territory, belonging to all branches of the Spanish Armed Forces.

Historically, and since November 2022, Spain has so far trained 3500 Ukrainian military personnel, distributed among the 82 modules taught or in progress. Reviewing the effort made by our Armed Forces, we can summarize it as follows.

The Army has conducted courses in Basic Training, Combat Casualty Health Care, Improvised Explosive Device Combat, Demining, Forest Assault Operations, Advanced Combatant, Sappers, Crews and Leopard Tank Maintenance, Platoon Leader Leadership, Operations Planning, Armored Tracked Transport Maintenance, Urban Terrain Military Operations, HAWK Anti-Aircraft Missile, 105/14 Howitzer, Advanced Artillery Observers, Geospatial Analysis and Cyber Defence.

For its part, the Navy has instructed the Ukrainian military in Basic Training and Operations Planning. The Air and Space Army has done so with the specialties of Air Support Conduction and ASPIDE Anti-Aircraft Missile. Finally, the Defence staff (EMAD) has taught Cyber Defence.