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‘Tercio de Armada’ train Ukrainian military personnel in urban combat

San Fernando, Cádiz
January 17, 2024
  • Marine Corps provides a Basic Combat Training Course

A new group of Ukrainian military personnel, almost a hundred, has started to receive training in San Fernando, within the European Union Support Mission to Ukraine (EUMAM-UA).

'The Tercio de Armada' (TEAR) created an Operational Organization composed of 82 military personnel, 40 of whom are instructors in order to train Ukrainian military personnel in the modules assigned to them. This time it was up to the 5th Rifle Company of the 2nd Landing Battalion to become its main nucleus, under the name of FIMAR V EUMAM UA.

During this training period, Ukrainian personnel will have to acquire the knowledge and skills that will enable them to be able to fight as part of an Infantry Rifle Section.

Basic Combatant Instruction, Offensive and Defensive Operations, Shooting and Population Combat Techniques are taught, all progressing from the individual and team level up to the Platoon and Section level.

These activities are carried out at the Sierra del Retín Training Camp and at facilities of the Tercio de Armada.

The Director of the Toledo Training Coordination Center (TTCC), Brigadier General Ignacio Olazábal Elorz, has recently visited the Basic Military Training module at the aforementioned training center.

He was able to see on site the possibilities offered by the facilities, both for training and for the living conditions of the staff. He also met with a representative of the II Landing Battalion of the Tercio de Armada and with the commanders responsible for the training of the Ukrainian military.  

The TTCC is the structure created by Spain to carry out the mission assumed before the European Union. Reporting to the Operations Command (MOPS), it has a General Headquarters located in Burgos, a standing Combat Training Unit (UFC) located in Toledo, as well as different specific training modules that are temporarily activated to meet the needs expressed by Ukraine.

These activities are carried out by units spread throughout the national territory, belonging to the Army, the Air and Space Force or the Navy, as in the present case of TEAR. Thus, Spain once again demonstrates that it continues to firmly fulfill its commitment. Proof of this is the fact that the number of trained Ukrainian troops has already exceeded 3,100.