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‘Tercio de Armada’ finishes the training of a new Ukrainian military contingent

San Fernando, Cádiz
January 5, 2024
  • The Marine Corps has completed a Basic Combat Training Course for Ukrainian military personnel, within the framework of the European Union Military Assistance Mission in support of Ukraine

 Nearly one hundred Ukrainian military personnel landed in Bay of Cadiz in November to receive combat training from the 'Tercio de Armada'. After more than a month of intense training by the Combat Training Unit of the Tercio of Armada, they successfully completed their training.

This training module was the last of the year 2023 in Cadiz and, as in the previous ones developed by this unit, it took place in the facilities of the Marine Infantry Brigade in San Fernando and in the training camp 'Sierra del Retín'.

The main objective was to train Ukrainian military personnel to perform the duties of a light infantry unit combatant. The acquired training will enable Ukainian military personnel to effectively integrate into their units.

To achieve this, eminently practical drills have been carried out, focused on instructing them in individual combat techniques, both in offensive and defensive situations, in urban environments, tactical treatment of casualties in combat and handling of different weapons systems.

This module shows once again that Spain continues to strongly comply with the commitment acquired with the European Union to train Ukrainian military personnel in different combat capabilities. Therefore, the year closes with more than 3,000 trained troops.

This training has been carried out in Spain since November 2022 within the framework of the EUMAM UA mission (European Union Military Assistance Mission - Ukraine), through the structure created for this purpose, the Toledo Training Coordination Center (TTCC), which directs and coordinates it from its headquarters located in Burgos.

The Combat Training Unit (UFC) located in Toledo, which is of a permanent nature, is the executing element, while different specific training modules are given by the Army, the Navy and the Air and Space Force, distributed throughout the rest of the national territory.

Looking to the future, and with immediate effect, new courses will begin next January to expand the capabilities requested by the Government of Ukraine, continuing throughout 2024.