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6th Tactical Land Operations Planning Module for Ukrainian Armed Forces Personnel Completed

Cartagena, Murcia
December 13, 2023
  • Around 150 Ukrainian officers have been trained at the General Albacete y Fuster Marine Infantry School.
The first edition of the module was taught at the General Albacete y Fuster Marine Infantry School in April 2023. Since then, this centre has instructed Ukrainian command cadres with a high degree of satisfaction and achievement.
The training aims to deepen the knowledge of the use of the operation planning process, as well as to improve the knowledge of land tactics and the ability to work as a team in planning tasks.
The course draws on the expertise and experience of the Amphibious Warfare Department, and is organised on the basis of the Marine Corps Amphibious Tactics Course for Officers.
The teaching is structured in two phases:
  • The first part is theoretical, in order to provide officers with the necessary knowledge of the above-mentioned planning method.
  • The second is of a practical nature, where the concepts learnt are applied to defensive and offensive military operations of a Tactical Group entity.
This course is not the only one that the Spanish Armed Forces have given in this same period of time, as others have been held simultaneously in different locations throughout the country.Thus, in Burgos, Bótoa, Dos Hermanas, Viator, San Fernando and Toledo, the Ukrainian soldiers have been instructed in specialities as varied as Basic Combat Training, the fight against Improvised Explosive Devices, Combat in Urban Areas, Demining, Sapper Training, Medical Care for Casualties in Combat and HAWK Anti-Aircraft Missile System Operators.
For its organisation, the Operations Command (MOPS) relies on the structure of the TTCC or Toledo Training Coordination Center, which from its headquarters in Burgos directs and coordinates the activities carried out by the units of the Army, the Navy and the Air and Space Army.
Some of them do so on a permanent basis (as is the case of the Army's UFC or Combat Training Unit in Toledo) and others give specific courses to meet the demands formulated by Ukraine.