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The XI Brigade trains the first Ukrainian military contingent to arrive in Extremadura

Bótoa (Badajoz)
November 23, 2023
  •  The training of Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel in the maintenance of mechanised vehicles has begun.

Nov. 23rd '23.- A course has begun for the first time in the installations of the XI Brigade. The purpose of the course is to instruct Ukrainian military personnel in the maintenance of the M-113 armoured tracked transport. This vehicle was provided by Spain to Ukraine as part of one of the aid shipments sent to deal with the Russian intervention.

As in the case of any other armoured vehicle, achieving maximum operability of these machines is challenging, especially in the extreme conditions of use to which they are subjected in real combat operations. To resolve these difficulties, the specialist personnel of the "Extremadura" Brigade are training their Ukrainian counterparts in the duties they will have to perform once they return to their homeland. As a result of their years of experience with this vehicle, they are teaching them the proper use, as well as the tasks and checks necessary for the crews to get the most out of it.

However, this module taught by the "Extremadura" Brigade is not the only one that our Armed Forces currently carry out. These modules are carried out at the request of the Ukrainian government, and in accordance with the commitments signed by Spain.

For their organisation, the Operations Command (MOPS) relies on the infrastructure of the TTCC or Toledo Training Coordination Center which, from its headquarters in Burgos, directs and coordinates the activities carried out by the units of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force.

Some of them do so on a permanent basis (as is the case of the Army's Combat Training Unit in Toledo) and others give specific courses to meet the demands expressed by Ukraine.

As a result and before the end of this month, various training modules will be underway, run by both the Army and the Marines. Such is the case of Basic Combat Training, Operations Planning, Urban Area Combat, Improvised Explosive Device Combat, Mine Clearance, Engineer Training, and Medical Care for Casualties in Combat and HAWK Anti-Aircraft Missile System Operators.

They will be held in different locations throughout Spain: Burgos, Toledo, Cartagena, San Fernando, Viator and Dos Hermanas. In addition, new courses in other specialities are scheduled to start soon in other places, further demonstrating, once again, Spain's solidarity and commitment to international peace and stability.

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