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First 10 Ukrainian Leopard 2 A4 tank crews finish training

March 13, 2023
  • Second echelon maintenance personnel have also been trained

This week concludes the training of Leopard 2 A4 tank crews and second echelon maintenance personnel. This is the first group of Ukrainian trainees to complete these specific training courses given by the Toledo Training Coordination Centre (TTCC) in Zaragoza.

These courses have been launched after the formalization of the Spanish commitment to contribute to the Ukrainian defence effort with the donation of battle tanks. At that time, Ukraine requested the training of crews and maintenance personnel for the operational deployment of the Leopard 2 A battle tanks provided.

On February 16, 2023, the first group of trainees arrived in Spain to receive the necessary training and instruction as crews and mechanics of LEOPARD 2 A4 battle tanks. The course lasts for four weeks. Upon completion, the Ukrainian personnel will be able to control the operational systems of the combat vehicle, perform first and second echelon maintenance of the various mechanical and electronic components as well as carry out their tactical operation in small units.

The trained personnel had previous experience in the use of battle tanks, so the instruction was focused on the technical particularities of the combat system to be operated. Tactical training has been developed from the beginning to form operational and coordinated crews.

The LEOPARD 2 A4 battle tank dates back to the end of the 20th century and it has been key for the development of one of the most modern and efficient battle tanks used by Western countries: the LEOPARD 2 A6 (in its different versions: German or Swedish) as well as for the development of the Spanish LEOPARD 2E battle tank, spearhead of our country armoured forces.  The LEOPARD 2 A4 outperforms most of the battle tanks currently deployed in the conflict zone and the LEOPARD 2A6 provided by Germany is at the level of the most advanced Russian resources that theoretically have been deployed in very limited numbers.

LEOPARD 2 A4 and 2 A6 battle tanks are logistically compatible up to about 80%. This significantly facilitates their logistical management.