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More than 200 Ukrainians start their military training in Spain

January 13, 2023
  • The Spanish Operations Command manages and conducts the European Union Military Assistance Mission Ukraine taking place in Spain (EUMAM UA)

More than 200 Ukrainian students are already in Spain to improve their military capabilities with the II Basic Training Course and the I Hawk System Course. The Armed Forces are making this way an effective contribution to the European Union Military Assistance Mission Ukraine (EUMAM UA), which is under the Operations Command and, like all operations, under the command of the Chief of Defence Staff (JEMAD).

The basic training course will again be held at the facilities of the Infantry Academy of Toledo, with duration of 5 weeks for around 200 students.

All training programmes have been coordinated with the Ukrainian Armed Forces and their key elements are: thoroughness, adaptability, high standards, force protection and security, and attention to the morale and well-being of the trained personnel.


This mission aims to contribute to enhancing the military capability of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to effectively conduct military operations, so that the country can defend its territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders, effectively exercise its sovereignty and protect the civilian population.

These training activities are conducted under the direction of the Toledo Training Coordination Centre (TTCC), in coordination with the EU Military Planning and Conduct Capability (MPCC) Headquarters.

EUMAM UA is also prepared to adapt to changes in training needs as the situation evolves.

The Spanish Armed Forces have extensive experience in training personnel from the Armed and Security forces of other countries -- Iraq, Mali, and Somalia.

A possible participation of training teams from other EU Member States in national training centres is not excluded, if requested.

The Department of Defence, and by extension the Armed Forces, are in a position to carry out the transfer of Ukrainian personnel to the training area, to take over the implementation of the operational and logistical support and to conduct the training.