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The security cover provided by the Armed Forces for the protection of the European Political Community Summit and the European Council Summit in Granada comes to an end.

October 6, 2023
  • The Aerospace Operational Command has spearheaded surveillance, deterrence, security and control of national airspace with the participation of the Army, Navy, Air and Space Forces.

Under the name 'Operacion Coraza', and within the framework of presence, surveillance and deterrence operations, the Operational Aerospace Command (MOA) has been the body in charge of planning, conducting and monitoring surveillance, security, control and air defence operations.

The Operational Aerospace Command established the airspace presence, surveillance and control measures necessary to guarantee the safety and security of the airspace during the two international events held in Granada. To this end, direct coordination between the Air Operations Centre and the coordination centres of the State Security Forces and Corps was essential, ensuring the early detection and identification of any aerial threat that could endanger the security of the event or impede the normal development of the planned events through subversive actions.

The Aerospace Operational Command exercised Air Command and Control through the Air Operations Centre of the participating units: on behalf of the Air and Space Army, four Eurofighter aircraft from the 14th Wing (Albacete), two F-18 aircraft from the 12th Wing (Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid), an A400M from the 31st Wing (Zaragoza) with in-flight refuelling capability, two helicopters from the 48th Wing (Cuatro Vientos, Madrid) with their corresponding teams of shooters from the Parachute Shooting Squadron (Murcia), two unmanned aerial systems detection teams from the Air Deployment Support Squadron (Zaragoza), various units of the Air Surveillance and Control System (Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid), such as the Mobile Air Control Group, the Central Command and Control Group, the Air Surveillance Squadrons of the southern peninsular area, as well as a NATO AWACS early warning aircraft.

On the Army side, the Anti-Aircraft Defence Unit of the II/71 Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment was deployed, while on the Navy side, the F-102 frigate Almirante Juan de Borbón was activated in the vicinity of Alborán Island. The effective integration of all these assets has made it possible to establish an air security system that has proved to be a complete success.

The participation of the Aerospace Operational Command in the European Political Community Summit and the informal European Council Summit once again demonstrates the high capacity of the Armed Forces to contribute to the security and defence of Spain through the synergy of its units, its resources and coordination with the different State Security Forces and Corps.