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Tactical Group 'Canarias' completes its deployment in the eight islands of the archipelago

Canary Islands
March 24, 2023
  • The Infantry Regiment 'Tenerife 49' participated as part of the tactical group in this mission

As part of the permanent operations carried out by the Land Operational Command (MOT in Spanish), the Tactical Group 'Canarias' has carried out a deployment throughout the different islands of the archipelago under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Santiago Gonzalez, Chief of the Motorised Infantry Battalion "Albuera" I/49, of the Infantry Regiment "Tenerife" 49.

A total of 467 soldiers from various units of the "Canarias" XVI Brigade with 78 vehicles took part in the 10 days of activation. 44,122 kms were covered, throughout the entire Canary Islands archipelago, with presence on all eight islands. As part of the deployment, various civilian facilities provided by local councils that have collaborated with the deployed units have been used.

Complying with the objectives set by the MOT, the "Canarias" Tactical Group has carried out presence, reconnaissance and security missions, bringing the personnel and material resources of the Spanish Army closer to the civilian population.