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Call of the Maritime Action Vessel 'Tornado' in the Cape Verdean port of Praia

In Praia, Cape Verde
September 15, 2023
  • It is the first port of call for the Navy ship during its deployment where it has carried out military cooperation and defence diplomacy activities.

The Maritime Action Ship (BAM) 'Tornado' has called at the port of Praia where it received on board the Spanish Ambassador to Cape Verde, Ana Paredes Prieto, along with other Cape Verdean and European authorities.

During the port call, various military cooperation activities were carried out with the country's Special Operations Forces in coordination with the Special Naval Warfare Force (FGNE). The ship has supported these activities by providing material and personnel for the various theoretical and practical training courses on boarding, diving, interior movements and health practices. All these activities are essential to strengthen the maritime security capabilities of coastal countries, with the common goal of achieving safe and secure maritime spaces free from threats.

A representation of the ship's crew visited the COSMAR (Centre for Maritime Operations).

This visit allowed the personnel to learn about its organisation and capabilities. A close collaboration will be maintained with this centre, as three Cape Verdeans will embark on the 'Tornado' to carry out a combined patrol in waters of sovereignty and interest of Cape Verde.

During the stopover in the port of Praia, the ship, in close collaboration with the Spanish Embassy, invited the Spanish community and Cape Verdean schools to visit the ship. During these guided tours, the main compartments were shown and the ship's mission and capabilities were explained. In addition, there was a static exhibition of material with which the visitors could interact.

During the stopover in the port of Praia, a reception was also held on board, presided over by the Spanish ambassador to Cape Verde, and attended by numerous civilian and military authorities, including the Minister of Defence of Cape Verde and numerous ambassadors from different countries, such as the US ambassador to Cape Verde. During the reception, the crew solemnly lowered the national flag at sunset.

The landfall in Cape Verde of one of the Navy's most modern ships, reinforced by the presence on board of the Spanish ambassador, contributes to the State's external action and projects a strong message of our country's commitment to Cape Verde.

During the almost four months of deployment, the ship will remain integrated into the operational structure of the Armed Forces, reporting to the Operations Command, in a mission led by the Maritime Operational Command.

The main missions are to carry out maritime surveillance activities and knowledge of the maritime environment, contributing to increasing maritime security in the region, military cooperation activities with coastal countries, promoting mutual knowledge and trust, support to diplomatic delegations within the Defence Diplomacy Plan and contribution to strengthening the European Union's Coordinated Maritime Presences initiative, with the aim of ensuring maritime readiness in the area to address the growing security challenges. It will also participate in a number of multinational exercises.