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The 7th Engineers Regiment works alongside the Senegalese Army in implementing explosive deactivation equipment

In Senegal
September 29, 2022
  • This training is part of the Cooperative Security Activities carried out by the Armed Forces abroad

The 7th Engineers Regiment assisted the Senegalese Army in setting up equipment for the deactivation of explosives (EOD). A collaboration that is part of the Cooperative Security Activities program. Last July, Senegalese soldiers were trained by Spanish personnel both in the deactivation of explosives and the handling of this equipment.

This type of training is aimed for both the Army and the Senegalese Gendarmerie to acquire the necessary skills to choose the appropriate protection measures against threats and they can also learn about the explosives that may emerge, as well as the detection resources available and carry out remote practises. These activities are more effective due to the acquisition of new EOD equipment and part of the training focused on showing students how to use it optimally.

The activity was executed by RING-7 members, based at 'El Jaral' Barracks, belonging to the Ceuta General Command, under national operational control of the Operations Command for this activation.

According to Gendarmerie members, their participation was very satisfactory for the protection and defence of the area against the threats that may arise.