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The Spanish Armed Forces contribute to the training of Senegalese special forces

Thiès, Senegal
December 10, 2020
  • Airmen from EZAPAC carry out training tasks, within Defence Diplomacy framework

According to the Defence Diplomacy Plan, military personnel from the Parachute Sapper Squadron (EZAPAC in Spanish) belonging to the Spanish Air Force have been deployed to contribute to the training of airmen belonging to the Senegalese Air Force's Special Operations Team.

The EZAPAC personnel, who carry out this mission under the operational control of the Operations Command, are performing routines such as day and night shooting, training of precision shooters, explosives, shooting from helicopters, planning of operations and guidance on combat patrols.

It is also worth to mention Practices in 'breaching' techniques, which allow the special operations teams getting Access to buildings by using explosives charges, in a quick and safe manner.

Defence Diplomacy Plan

The Defence Diplomacy Plan is mainly based on dialogue and cooperation carried out by the Ministry of Defence at a bilateral level with our allies, partners and friendly countries to promote the fulfilment of the defence policy objectives in support of Spain's foreign policies.

The presence of the Spanish Armed Forces in areas of vital interest to the security of Spain, as indicated in the National Security Strategy, becomes effective with this sort of cooperation with West African countries.

This policy, promotes the development of capabilities and fosters mutual knowledge and trust, helping to improve regional security, increasing Spain's security and protecting their interests.