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The Spanish contingent fixes an essential vehicle for an orphanage in Mali.

Bamako, Mali
June 28, 2023
  • The van is the only means the orphanage has to transport the children from the institution to school.

The Spanish contingent, deployed in the EUTM Mali mission (European Union Mission in Mali) under the national operational control of the Operations Command - has been in charge of repairing the only vehicle that the ASHED (Association pour le Soutien des Handicapés et des Enfants Démunis) orphanage has. General Santiago Fernández Ortiz-Repiso - in command of the mission - handed over the van to the management of the orphanage in Bamako.

The van was inoperative due to mechanical failure and was the only vehicle the orphanage had. Its repair was essential to be able to transport the children of the institution to school or other places where they carry out activities. The lack of this means of transport forced them to use motor tricycles to transport the children, with the risk it posed to their safety.

Thanks to this action, the Spanish Armed Forces continue to support the local population, with special emphasis on socially deprived sectors and socially orphaned children.