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Last visit of Vice-Admiral Hervé Bléjean to the Multinational Headquarters in Bamako

Bamako, Mali
May 30, 2023
  • The European Union's Director of Military Planning and Capability Conceptualization for the mission completes his term of office.

Vice Admiral Hervé Bléjean, Director of Military Planning and Conceptual Capabilities (DMPCC) of the European Union, has visited the EUTM-Mali Headquarters in Bamako. He was accompanied by the Force Commander of the European Union Training Mission in Mali, Spanish Brigadier General Ortiz-Repiso.

They shared a working breakfast with the representatives of EUDEL, EUCAP and the ambassadors of the European Union in Mali. Later on, Vice Admiral Bléjean and General Ortiz-Repiso visited the medical facilities of the new ROLE 2 inaugurated last May 15. Then they held an official meeting at the office of the head of the contingent with some of the heads of the different units.

They concluded with a meeting with the seniors of the different countries that make up the mission. As Vice Admiral General Hervé Bléjean's term of office will end in the coming months, he is personally bidding farewell to all European Union military missions to monitor the current situation and upcoming developments in each of them before the end of his mandate.