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The 'Lauria' Tactical Force Protection Group deployed in Mali improves its readiness with training activities

Bamako, Mali
January 27, 2023
  • The Group regularly conducts operational activities to keep a high level of instruction and training and to be prepared for any security threat

The main mission of the 'Tactical Force Protection Group (TFPG) Lauria' in Mali is to ensure the security of all EUTM personnel deployed in the country, as well as the companies and organisations that provide them with services.

On the one hand, to guarantee the perfect accomplishment of this mission, it is essential, to keep a high level of readiness that allows the Force to face any security threat. On the other hand, a detailed coordination with all the mission's players.

Local population is the first player to be persuaded of the importance of the European presence in Mali. During security patrols in the area of the bases or in discussions with local authorities, a rapprochement is always sought with a population that has suffered for years from insecurity in their villages and homes, and that suffers daily to find food to survive.

One of the most important units within the TFPG in providing security at European bases is the 'Combat Support Unit' (CSU), where the Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Detection (EOD/EOR) and Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) are concentrated. This unit provides a number of enablers to infantry units that truly make a difference to other forces or armed groups in the area. Operational activities include heavy vehicle inspections by EORs, explosive ordnance disposal practices by EOD teams, and RPAS escort patrols.

All of this contributes to the constant improvement of our forces in other operational areas such as shooting, or the protection of the Force through the improvement of security procedures.