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Renewal of the Spanish contingent in Mali

December 1, 2021
  • With the departure of the last components of EUTM Mali XVIII and the arrival of the members of the "Galicia" VII Brigade, the Spanish contingent is renewing its personnel deployed in Mali

Today the last members of the “Húsares de la Princesa” and the helicopter unit that have served for six months in the European Union Training Mission in Mali (EUTM Mali) return to Spain. The returning members of the Aragón Brigade, the Tercio de Armada and the FAMET do so with the pride of having fulfilled their duty, ennobling thus the name of Spain.

Members of the “Galicia" VII Brigade, Tercio de Armada and the Spanish Army Airmobile Forces (FAMET) replaced those returning today, in a complicated and well-coordinated transport operation. The units have flown in three different waves.

For the incoming units, the challenge is to continue the role played by their predecessors. The Protection Force flown almost 250,000 kilometres, protected convoys, conducted training missions, protected EUTM bases and maintained a flawless record during the six months of its mission. During these months, MASPUHEL XVIII clocked up more than 225 flight hours, transporting a total of 825 people across Malian territory.

Both the military personnel of the Helicopter Unit and the Protection Force have dedicated part of their spare time to collaborate with local entities by carrying out different tasks to improve their living conditions. This commitment will also be assumed by their successors with the aim of improving the situation of the local population.