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Orion Detachment personnel delivered donated material to Caritas Djibouti

In Djibouti
March 11, 2024
  • The donation, made by the military branch of Caritas and a number of private individuals, included children's clothing and various school and sports equipment.

Personnel from the 49th and 50th contingents of the Orion Airborne Detachment have delivered material donated by Caritas Castrense and several individuals to the Caritas centre in Djibouti. The donated material included children's clothing, school and sports equipment. 

The Caritas centre has thanked the Spanish military for their cooperation and coordination work in Djibouti, and in particular, the efforts and dedication of the 49th contingent's Civic Military Coordination staff. They have cooperated relentlessly with Caritas Djibouti to try to improve the quality of life of hundreds of children.

Founded in 1978, Caritas Djibouti's aim is to help the most disadvantaged in Djibouti society, trying to alleviate food shortages and the serious consequences of conflicts in the Horn of Africa.

The collaboration of the Spanish Armed Forces with this charitable organisation is frequent and allows the Spanish contingent of the detachment, integrated in Operation 'Atalanta', to carry out integration projects with the Djiboutian society and contribute to cover the most basic needs of the population.