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Tactical Air Detachment 'Orion' donates material to Caritas Djibouti

In Djibouti
January 23, 2024
  •  • The 49th contingent of the Tactical Air Detachment delivers school supplies, toys and children's clothing donated by Caritas at the Rota Naval Base.

The 49th Tactical Air Detachment contingent has visited the Caritas center in Djibouti to deliver material donated by the military Caritas of the Rota Naval Base.

School supplies, toys and children's clothing were delivered to the area of operations by means of a logistical support flight of the Air and Space Army in an A-330 aircraft

The Spanish personnel received a warm welcome from the Caritas management team, as well as from the children present that day, who shared various play activities with the Spanish military.

Caritas Djibouti, founded in 1978 by the Bishop of Djibouti, is dedicated to helping the most disadvantaged in Djibouti society by fighting against food shortages and the serious consequences of conflicts in the Horn of Africa.

Collaboration with this charitable organization is frequent and allows the Spanish contingent, during its participation in Operation Atalanta, to carry out integration projects with the Yibouti society, while contributing to cover the most basic needs of the local populati