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Frigate 'Victoria' holds a meeting with the head of the Somali Police Force Coast Guard

At sea
November 20, 2023
  • The Somali Police Force Coast Guard takes part in a day of training aboard the frigate with Spanish units

During the morning of the of November 20th the frigate "Victoria" hosted a meeting between the Force Commander  (FCdr), Admiral Fabrizio Rutteri and Colonel Bashir, head of the Somali Police Force Coast Guard.

The day's activities took place simultaneously. The objective was the training and capacity building of the Somali police force, based on a through training provided by the Special Operations Maritime Unit (SOMTU) of the Special Naval Warfare Force. Three group exercises were carried out as part of this training:  rifle firing on the flight deck, movement on the inner and outer decks, and finally, boarding training with movement of vessels boats. In addition, to complement these drills, casualty management lectures were held on. In addition, Tactical Casualty Combat Care (TCCC) lectures were implemented to complement these exercises. Casualty Combat Care).

The programme of the meeting between Admiral Rutteri and Colonel Bashir included a lecture on the capabilities of the SOMTU and the ship, a tour of the ship demonstrating these capabilities, and attendance at training sessions training being conducted by police personnel, and a personal interview between the two authorities where the FCdr gave a presentation about ATALANTA and how it can support the Somali Police Force.

The day culminated with a protocol lunch where the different participants had the opportunity to exchange perceptions and put points of view on the situation in Somalia and the EUNAVFOR area of operations.

The Spanish vessel is thus contributing to the instruction and training mission of EUNAVFOR's training and instruction mission, enhancing the capabilities of the coastal countries, strengthening ties and favouring stability in the area.