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Relief of personnel from Tactical Air Detachment 'Orion'.

September 14, 2023
  • The 48th contingent will continue the work of its predecessors in the fight against piracy under Operation 'Atalanta'.

Act of relief of the personnel of the Spanish Air and Space Army contingent deployed in the Tactical Air Detachment (DAT) 'Orion' of the European Union's Operation 'Atalanta'.

The ceremony was presided over by Colonel Ignacio Lanzat Lacour, representing the Operations Command (MOPS), and was attended by various military and civilian authorities from the European Union, the United States, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, Djibouti and Ethiopia. Also in attendance were representatives of several organisations with which the Orion Detachment regularly collaborates, such as Caritas Djibouti and Solidarité Femenine.

At the handover ceremony, the outgoing Force Commander, Major Victor Martínez Aisa, handed over command of the detachment to Lieutenant Colonel Jose Antonio Quesada Jiménez. The mission of the 47th contingent thus came to an end after three months of deployment during the monsoon period, in the fight against piracy and illegal trafficking in support of the EU's Operation 'Atalanta'.