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Orion Detachment delivers material provided by Spain to local charities in Djibouti

In Yibuti
May 9, 2022
  • CIMIC staff arrange the distribution of material donated by various Spanish humanitarian organisations to local associations in Djibouti

Within the activities carried out by the Orion Detachment deployed in Djibouti in the framework of Operation Atalanta, civil-military cooperation activities (CIMIC) are provided for.

As part of those activities, material donated by Spanish NGOs is periodically distributed to local associations which help the needy.

On this occasion, during the first week of May, a collection of material consisting of medicines, school and sports material, clothes and toys donated by the charitable organisation 'La Estela de Ayo' and 'Cáritas Castrense' took place.

On May 3rd a delivery was made to the Catholic Diocese of Djibouti, which includes two schools (LEC Boulaos and the Horn of Africa school) and a Caritas centre. The delivery was received by the director of the Diocesan Catholic Schools, Simone Pire.

On May 4th, the donation was also delivered to the local association 'Solidarité Feminine', which was established in 1995 with the purpose of helping to improve the medical, psychological, nutritional, economical and legal living conditions of women living in precarious conditions in Djibouti. The donation was received by the association's president, Saïda Aboubaker.

In addition, the event was well attended, with around 30 people, mostly women receiving the assistance provided by the association.

Spain's solidarity with Djibouti and its institutions is continuous.