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Relief of the Estonian Air Defence Unit

Ämari Base, Estonia
September 18, 2023
  • The Spanish Atillery NASAMS Unit carries out the change of command in Estonia, where it will continue to show the strong commitment to Integrated Air and Missile Defence.

The Spanish Air Defence Unit (UDAA in Spanish) deployed in Estonia has carried out its change of command at the Ämari Air Base, where, since last March, it has been integrated into the NATO Air Defence System structure.

The ceremony was attended by civilian and military authorities, representatives of the Spanish Embassy in Estonia, the Defence Staff Operations Command, the Army, the Air Force of the Republic of Estonia, as well as the Spanish "ÁMBAR" air detachment of the Baltic Air Police and contingents from other countries present at the base.

The ceremony was presided over by Colonel Juan Eugenio Moreno Jiménez, head of the MOPS Exercise and Evaluation Section, who during his speech reiterated Spain's commitment to our allied countries and specifically to Estonia.

Lieutenant Colonel Santiago Calleja Blancas, Head of the UDAA "Support to Estonia II" , thanked the great work done by the previous rotation, and encouraged the components under his command to continue with this level of work.

The ceremony formalised the transfer of responsibilities to the A/E-II contingent, contributing to the collective defence of NATO territory and its commitment to peace, security and international legality.