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The Tigru Detachment reaches more than 6,000 hours of air policing service in the Operation eAP-RDR

In Schitu, Romania
August 25, 2023
  • This important achievement was celebrated with a military ceremony on August 24th.

The Tigru Air Tactical Detachment, deployed in Schitu (Romania) since October 2022, has reached 6,000 hours of air policing service since the beginning of the NATO enhanced Air Policing – Radar (NATO eAP-RDR) mission. This detachment is composed of military personnel from different units of the Air and Space Force and its mission is to reinforce the air policing of this NATO region, for which it has deployed an AN/TPS-43M long-range tactical radar of the Mobile Air Control Group (GRUMOCA in Spanish).

On the occasion of this major achievement, a military ceremony was held on August 24th, to which military personnel of the Romanian Air Force attended. It involved a flag-raising ceremony and a speech in which the Chief of the Detachment highlighted the importance of this milestone and encouraged the unit’s personnel to continue working as they have done so far on this relevant mission for Spain, Romania and the NATO.

It is worth noting that the AN/TPS-43M radar of the Mobile Air Control Group (GRUMOCA) has been in service in the Air and Space Force more than 20 years and that this is the first time that is deployed on a mission abroad. The dedication and commitment of the Tigru Detachment’s personnel have contributed to reach a high level of operability to date, which is reflected in these 6,000 hours of air policing service.