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The radar of the Mobile Air Control Group reaches 3,000 hours of service in the Operations Area

March 6, 2023
  • The 'Tigru' detachment, formed by personnel from the Air Force and Space Force, deployed in Romania reaches an important milestone

The radar deployed in Romania, in the 'Tigru' Detachment, has already reached 3000 hours of service outside national territory. A milestone accomplished while Brigadier Antonio M. Guerrero Sivianes was on duty.

The radar, belonging to the Mobile Air Control Group (GRUMOCA), and operating in the 'Tigru' Detachment, is part of the integrated Mission "NATO enhanced Air Policing - RDR", deployed since October 20, 2022 in Romania.

The Detachment needed just 3 days since its arrival in Romania to acquire the operational capability of the radar system, integrating it into NATO through the main control centre in Romania.

In order to achieve this result in such a short time, the Headquarters of the Aerospace Surveillance and Control System (JSVICA) devoted many hours of previous work in Spain. This milestone in the history of radar has also been possible thanks to the commitment of the men and women of GRUMOCA who once again have demonstrated its motto "Always Ready".

Since then, it has already provided more than 3,000 hours of continuous service monitoring the airspace, demonstrating high operability, largely thanks to the efforts of its technical staff and all the members of the 'Tigru' Detachment.

Among the technical staff, there are professionals such as Brigade Antonio Sivianes. He was born in Seville and joined the Air Force and Space in 1992 as a professional soldier with the specialty of Telecommunications and Electronics, a specialty that he has maintained to this day. Brigadier Antonio Sivianes continues his training both as part of his military career and in parallel with his university studies in engineering.