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'Viespe' Detachment lands at Fetesti Air Base in Romania

November 25, 2022
  • 130 members of the Air Tactical Detachment, together with the eight EF-18s, contribute to the reinforcement of the Alliance's Eastern Flank.

The aircraft and the first components of the 'Viespe' Air Tactical Detachment landed today at Fetesti Air Base in Romania to join the Enhanced Air Policing (eAP) operation as of December 1st

Eight EF-18 (C-15M) from the 15th Wing and a total of 130 men and women are part of the new Detachment, which, under national operational control of the Operations Command, will carry out a new mission within the eAP

Spain is contributing with this detachment in response to NATO's request to maintain and increase the allies' contribution to provide an Air Shield in that area.

NATO Enhanced Air Policing

Enhanced Air Policing Mission (eAP) is part of the Alliance's collective effort to monitor the airspace of its members, in particular those in the Southern Implementation Area, such as Romania, Bulgaria and Albania. The allied deployment in southeaster Europe is carried out under NATO's mandate in the framework of the allied collective defence.

The Air Policing mission is one of the NATO measures introduced in 2014 with the aim of augmenting existing air policing capabilities of allied countries along the eastern flank of the Alliance. By doing so, it demonstrates the collective determination to deter any adversary posing a potential threat of aggression against a NATO member state.