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Deployment of an early warning radar in Romania in support of NATO Air Defence

In Romania
October 21, 2022
  • The Spanish Armed Forces support NATO air defence by deploying a radar in Romania to monitor the airspace on the Alliance's eastern flank

Air and Space Army personnel have begun deployment in Romania, near the city of Constanta, along with a long-range air surveillance radar, to contribute to NATO's Integrated Air Defence in the airspace of NATO Member States. This air defence has been reinforced on the Alliance's eastern flank by the operation 'enhanced Air Policing'" in support of NATO Air Policing with assets from other Member States, which is the framework for the latest radar deployment to Romania.

The radar and all associated technical equipment began deployment by sea on 10 October from the port of Cartagena. In order to keep the radar operational and to meet all the needs of the detachment, 38 military personnel have been deployed, who are responsible for keeping the radar active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7).

The radar and most of the personnel and means belong to the Mobile Air Control Group (GRUMOCA), with the main support of personnel and means from the Second Air Deployment Support Squadron (SEADA). These units have extensive experience and a long history of deployment.

With this deployment, Spain reaffirms its commitment to international peace and security, being one of the European countries that makes the greatest effort in international missions.