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First deployment of an Air and Space Army A400M to the Baltic Air Policing mission completed.

In Ämari, Estonia
September 19, 2023
  • The aircraft has been integrated into a NATO mission for the first time and has joined the 'Amber' Detachment in Estonia.

The first participation of an A400M aircraft from the 31st Air and Space Wing integrated into NATO's Baltic Air Policing mission has been completed. It operated from Ämari Air Base, under the operational control of Operations Command.

The A400M joined the Amber Tactical Air Detachment on 12 August. During its deployment in Estonia, it has performed air-to-air refuelling missions for the eight Eurofighter (C.16) aircraft of the 11th Wing and for other countries' aircraft on joint NATO Air Policing missions in the Baltic.

The participation of the A400M in this mission has been very satisfactory and has allowed the countries and units participating in the various operations and exercises to put their integration and interoperability capabilities into practice.

On 1 August, Spain began a new participation in the Baltic Air Policing mission with eight Eurofighters from the 'Amber' detachment at Ämari Air Base, Estonia, and will continue until 30 November. A NASAMS anti-aircraft battery of the Spanish Army is deployed at this base. On 6 September, the acting Minister of Defence, Margarita Robles, visited the Spanish military deployed in Ämari and hanked them for their commitment, dedication and professionalism