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La The frigate F-85 'Navarra' sets sail to take part in the NATO Operation 'SEA GUARDIAN'

At sea
March 26, 2024
  • It will conduct surveillance and monitoring of maritime traffic in waters of interest to the Atlantic Alliance.

The frigate 'Navarra', commanded by Captain Alvaro Huelin Gan, set sail from the naval base of Rota to begin its participation in NATO's Operation SEA GUARDIAN, under the operational control of the Operations Command. The 'Navarra' is back at sea after returning from supporting NATO's DYNAMIC MANTA 2024 anti-submarine exercises on 14 March.

SEA GUARDIAN is a flexible Atlantic Alliance operation covering a wide range of tasks assigned to Maritime Security Operations (MSO). It focuses primarily on maritime domain awareness: commercial traffic, lines of communication, fishing grounds, development of illicit activities and counter- terrorism from the sea, as well as strengthening the maritime security capabilities of the countries in the region.

If necessary, it can take on additional tasks such as maritime interdiction operations, critical infrastructure protection and combating nuclear proliferation.

Up to six maritime security operations are conducted each year in different parts of the Mediterranean. In this case, the 'Navarra' under operational command of NATO's Maritime Command Headquarters (Northwood, UK) will focus its efforts in the western Mediterranean and the Alboran Sea, an area of critical interest to Spain.