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The OPV P-76 Furor ends its deployment in the Operation Sea Guardian

Cartagena, Murcia
July 8, 2023
  • The Navy vessel returns to its home port after a two-week deployment in Mediterranean waters

The Offshore Patrol Vesel (OPV, BAM  in Spanish) P-76 Furor has returned to its home port in Cartagena after successfully completing the Focused Operations (FOCOPS) 23-4, framed within the NATO’s Operation Sea Guardian.

During its navigation, the Spanish vessel has sailed over 2,400 miles, contributing to the knowledge of the maritime environment, deterrence against maritime terrorism and regional maritime security capacity building.

From all the activities carried out by Furor, it must be highlighted the visits to merchant shipping and fishing vessels where, apart from showing interest in their day-to-day activities, the personnel of the Search and Inspection Party from the vessel, in order to promote Operation Sea Guardian in the maritime community, has explained the activities that the NATO conducts in order to ensure security and stability in the Mediterranean.

In this period, the Furor OPT called at the port of La Goullete (Tunisia) between 3-5 July, in order to develop Military Partnership activities with young officers of the Tunisian Navy, where commitment and cooperation between the Republic of Tunisia and the NATO have been reinforced.

At the port of Tunis, the Furor welcomed on board the Ambassador of Spain, Francisco Javier Puig Saura. After being received with ordinance honours, he visited the vessel to later finish on the bridge. It was at this location that the ambassador and the delegation that was accompanying him were presented with the capacities of the vessel.

To operate its deployment, apart from its crew, Furor has had on board the Madrid Security Group of the Marine Corps and, for the first time on board, with a cynological group formed by a guide and his dog.