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OPV P-76 'Furor' begins deployment in Operation 'Sea Guardian' under NATO flag

In the Mediterranean Sea
June 27, 2023
  • The Navy ship will carry out a maritime surveillance patrol in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea to contribute to the deterrence of terrorism.

The Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) P-76  'Furor', after its departure from the port of Cartagena, has begun its participation in NATO's Operation 'Sea Guardian' in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, under national operational control of the Operations Command.

The main mission of the 'Furor' is to actively contribute to the deterrence of potential threats in the Mediterranean Sea, such as terrorism, as well as to contribute to the knowledge of the maritime environment. It is scheduled to make a stopover in Tunisia to enhance collaboration with the countries bordering North Africa.

The participation of the Furor in this NATO operation demonstrates Spain's commitment to NATO's objectives.

‘Sea Guardian’ operation

The mission of Sea Guardian is to conduct a maritime security operation focused on maritime situational awareness to deter and combat terrorism, as well as to mitigate other threats. The Operation aims to develop a robust maritime situational awareness, combining sensor and non-sensor based networks with reliable information sharing and connectivity between allies and all maritime related agencies.

Operation Sea Guardian has three tasks already contained in NATO's Maritime Security Concept of Operations: maritime counter-terrorism support; maritime environment awareness support; and contribution to regional maritime security capacity building.

In addition, and subject to the approval of the North Atlantic Council, the remaining permanent maritime security tasks may be performed: maritime environmental awareness; deterrence and protection against terrorism; contributing to the development of regional maritime security capabilities; maintaining freedom of navigation; maritime interdiction; countering the proliferation of weapons of maritime destruction; and critical infrastructure protection.

The area of operations is limited to the international waters of the Mediterranean Sea and approaches to the Strait of Gibraltar.