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The submarine 'Tramontana' is integrated in the operation 'Sea Guardian'

In Cartagena
July 28, 2022
  • During its integration it will contribute to the knowledge of the maritime environment and will support the fight against terrorism in the Mediterranean

The submarine 'Tramontana' (S-74) has sailed to the Mediterranean, where it will be deployed, during the next weeks. This is the sixth time that this submarine has taken part in the 'Sea Guardian' operation since it began its participation 6 years ago.

The submarine, which is based in Cartagena, is the fourth of its class and has been serving Spain since 1984. Its crew is made up of 68 brave men and women, with a stealthy vocation for service, unquestionable motivation and the necessary spirit of sacrifice to live for more than a month below the surface watching over the peace and security of their compatriots.

Thanks to the discretion and stealth that distinguish submarines, they are able to carry out surveillance tasks without disturbing the life pattern of surface vessels, thus being able to locate and identify illicit activities within the Mediterranean waters.

Today, about 90% of the total volume of goods is moved by sea and the Mediterranean Sea is no exception. In terms of energy alone, around 65% of the oil and natural gas consumed in Western Europe passes through the Mediterranean every year. In this context, NATO launched operation 'Sea Guardian' in November 2016.

'Sea Guardian' is a NATO operation focused on maritime environment awareness to deter and fight terrorism, as well as mitigate all other threats. It is a flexible operation, which can cover the full range of maritime security tasks, if requested by the North Atlantic Council, such as: maintaining freedom of navigation, conducting maritime interdiction, combating the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and protecting critical infrastructure.

The integration of the 'Tramontana' demonstrates, once again, Spain's commitment to NATO in the maintenance of international security.