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ESPS ‘Audaz’ joins Operation Sea Guardian

Mediterranean Sea
March 17, 2022
  • During the operation, the vessel will carry out tasks of surveillance and awareness of the maritime environment, and will contribute to the generation of regional maritime security capabilities

Maritime Action Vessel 'Audaz' set sail from its home port in Cartagena to join Operation Sea Guardian, along with Portuguese NRP 'Viana do Castelo' and British HMS 'Trent.

These three vessels will cover the different areas of responsibility assigned by the operational command to carry out their mission of maritime awareness, surveillance and contribution to the generation of regional maritime security capabilities.

Operation Sea Guardian

Operation 'Sea Guardian' was launched on November 9th, 2016 following the previous operation 'Active Endevour'. Its main goal is maritime environment awareness, maritime counter-terrorism and contribution to build up regional maritime security capabilities. 

The maritime area to be covered in this Operation includes the international waters of the Mediterranean Sea and those close to the Strait of Gibraltar.

Maritime Action Vessel (BAM) 'Audaz'

ESPS ‘Audaz’ is the first vessel of four BAM's that Navantia built for the Spanish Navy. It was commisioned by the Spanish navy on July 26th,2018 and is based in Cartagena.

Like other BAM's, its primary mission is to contribute to the security of maritime areas of interest and protect national assets by carrying out maritime security operations, as well as performing naval presence, cooperative security and support tasks for other authorities. ESPS 'Audaz'  crew are 57 people,commanded by Captain Marcos de Sousa Fuchs.