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Zamora Tactical Group staff deployed to Slovakia takes part in Charging Bear 24 exercise

In Lést, Eslovaquia
March 28, 2024
  •  The Zamora Tactical Group is deployed at the training and instruction field of Lešť, in collaboration with units of the multinational Battalion

The exercise Charging Bear 24 is included in the training and instruction program of Zamora Tactical Group deployed in Lešť. This activity serves as preparation for the Strong Cohesion 24 exercise, which is going to be carried out on the second half of April.

In the exercise, have took part an infantry company, a reconnaissance platoon and an anti-tank platoon, employing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Moreover, Spanish staff also became part of the exercise's management element in charge of coordinating all the activities to be carried out.

The purpose of this exercise was to test the preparation of the multinational Battle Group deployed in Slovakia, currently led by the Czech Republic, in planning, conducting and coordinating offensive and defensive operations in a high-intensity conflict.

After three days of exercise, necessary lessons have been learned to successfully tackle Strong Cohesion 24 certification exercise of that multinational battalion.

By participating in this type of drills, the Spanish Armed Forces demonstrate their preparation, availability and operability to be adapted to all types of scenarios and to provide the decisive capabilities that allow them to defend the interests of Spain and our allies.

Likewise, this participation is an excellent chance to raise the level of training of the Spanish contingent and foster interoperability with the rest of the contingents, while strengthening cohesion among allies and contributing to achieving the deterrence and defence effects of the Atlantic Alliance.