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The Anti Air Defence Unit NASAMS eFP XII will defend the Lithuanian Sky during the NATO summit.

In Lithuania
June 22, 2023
  • The Anti Air Defence Unit , originally deployed at the Air Base of Lielvarde (Latvia), postpones its taking over, to accomplish the new mission assigned.

The NASAMS eFP XII Anti Air Defence Unit (UDDA in Spanish) is appointed to a new mission after being deployed for six months at the base of Lielvarde (Latvia). The mission of the Unit consist of defending the Lithuanian sky during the NATO Summit which will be celebrated on next July 11th and 12th.

After their successful deployment in Latvia, the UDAA NASAMS eFP XII has extensively trained, enhancing its coordination as well as its capacity to respond in case of emergency. Additionally, it has closely collaborated with the Latvian Defensive Forces, strengthening the cooperation among the Allies and thus, improving the regional security.

The fact of UDAA NASAMS eFP XII being chosen to protect the neighbouring country’s sky proves the exceptional job done by the unit in Latvia. The technical achievements in connectivity learnt during its deployment, the high level of traineeship shown by the unit’s personnel and their capability to rapidly adapt to changes have been key aspects to be elected for this new task of air defence

The NATO summit in Latvia is a crucial event to strengthen the cooperation and security in a constantly changing world. The participating leaders will discuss on fundamental themes like cybersecurity, NATO presence reinforcement and deterrence capacity, the stability in the southern flank and the transatlantic cooperation.