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The Spanish contingent in Latvia wins first and second place in the 'Apex Predator' precision marksmanship competition

At Camp Adazi, Latvia
June 5, 2023
  • Spanish precision marksmen have participated alongside those from other NATO countries, demonstrating a high level of training and the high level of preparation of their components

Personnel from the Spanish contingent enhanced Forward Presence XII (eFP) deployed in Latvia took part in the precision marksmanship competition with four teams from tatical subgroup 'Troya'. They have achieved first and second place in the overall ranking among the sixteen participants. The aim of the 'Apex Predator' exercise is to exchange knowledge and skills among the participants as well as to foster cohesion among them.

The competition, whose purpose is to measure the skills of each participating team composed of a shooter and an observer, consisted of a series of tests such as shooting test under stress, night shooting or shooting from an unbalanced position.

In this edition, units of the Latvian Mechanised Infantry Brigade, countries that are part of the Latvian Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Multinational Tactical Group: Canada, Spain and Italy, as well as countries deployed in other eFPs such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom have taken part.

The mission of the eFP XII contingent is to deter any attempt of aggression against Latvia's territory, as well as to integrate and support the national structure of its armed forces. In this way, Spain reaffirms its commitment to collective defence and contributes effectively to national defence beyond its borders.